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As one of the leading online retailers of loose diamonds, Brilliance offers thousands of diamonds certified by GIA, EGL, AGS, IGI, and HRD. With the large number of options available on the web, smart consumers need simple ways to navigate and compare the vast selection of diamonds. This site offers an interactive loose diamond shopping tool to lead you straight to the certified diamond you are seeking, saving you time and money.

In just a few clicks, you can filter by the characteristics that are most important to you - shape, carat, color, cut, clarity, and certification among others - and then go straight to a selection of certified diamonds that matches your preferences. Start your search for loose diamonds now, or simply click on a characteristic below.

When buying a loose diamond, it is important to verify that it has been evaluated by an unbiased expert gemologist from a trusted gemological laboratory. The gemologist grades the characteristics of the diamond using industry-accepted grading scales as set forth by the Gemological Institute of America. The laboratory issues a certificate or diamond grading report detailing the characteristics of the certified diamond, as well as basic information like carat weight and measurements.

When selecting loose diamonds with a report from a trusted gemological laboratory, you're assured of the diamond's quality. Additionally, because all certified diamonds are graded by experts using similar grading scales, it is easier to compare them based on the four Cs - carat, color, clarity, and cut - rather than relying on your own visual judgment or the jeweler's knowledge. Certified diamonds will generally hold more value than diamonds that have not been certified, especially when graded by established laboratories like the GIA, AGS, or EGL.

Before purchasing loose diamonds, it is imperative to understand the factors that add to their quality and value. Gemologists and diamond professionals use four key factors, known as the "Four C's", to evaluate and classify certified diamonds. These value factors - carat weight, color, clarity, and cut - along with shape, measurements, fluorescence, and certification directly impact the appearance and price of a loose diamond. In our diamond education section, we thoroughly explain each factor and provide insider advice to guide you in finding the perfect diamond.